Cooperative Program

The Cooperative Program is a system of prayer and giving established by Southern Baptists in 1925. Through it, Southern Baptist congregations and organizations around the world unite to support 4,946 International Missionaries in 153 countries and 5,081 North American Missionaries in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, The Cooperative Program also helps to support six Southern Baptist seminaries and The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

Southern Baptist, together through the Cooperative Program, support the largest missionary force in the world. The beauty of the Cooperative Program is that missionaries do not have to leave the field to raise monies to support their missionary efforts. Because of this, they are able to spend more time in the field.

This program is unique among churches. The Chambersburg Baptist Church contributes 7.25% of it’s total annual operating budget as well as all proceeds raised from its’ “Fall Mission Offering” to support this program. Church members can feel confident that 98% of funds raised reach the mission field (only 2% exhausted in overhead, operating expenses).

In addition to contributing financial support, individual congregations and churches unite to support missionaries in prayer. Individual missionaries are emphasized throughout the year and each year on their birthdays. Church members, through their gifts and prayers can become personally involved through this missionary effort. As partners with other Southern Baptists in the Cooperative Program, The Chambersburg Baptist Church united in prayer and gifts in the year 2000, resulting in 451,000 new believers being baptized internationally and 415,000 people being baptized in North America.

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